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Ways to Use White Aluminum Coil

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Painting Aluminum Coil - How To Do It Right

The exquisite surface and excellent quality of color-coated aluminum coils have become the first choice of users in many fields. Because of different uses, special attention should be paid to the application. So, what are the precautions for the use of color-coated aluminum coils?china white aluminum coil - Decoulife

First, if it is to be put into use, it should be under normal temperature, and the temperature should not be too hot or too cold. If it is used as a roof, the height should not be lower than 10 degrees.

Second, before the installation, check in time to ensure that the roofing material has no signs of wear, to ensure that it can be used normally, and to ensure the service life under normal conditions.

Third, the bolt heads for fixing the color-coated aluminum coils should be sealed with a strong waterproof material to prevent rainwater from entering and rusting.

Fourth, the ambient temperature of the color-coated aluminum coil processing should be above 7 °C. The gap between the processing rollers should be adjusted according to the thickness of the color-coated aluminum coil, and the foreign matter on the roller surface and the pallet should be removed. Whether the paint is peeling off the surface, if the paint is peeling off, the cause should be identified and measures should be taken before continuous processing.

In order to ensure the construction quality of the color-coated aluminum coil, the installation must be carried out in strict accordance with the above conditions.

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