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What are the advantage of patterned aluminum plate?

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What are the advantages of patterned aluminum plate?


It is not easy to make patterns on the surface of the aluminum plate, which means that there is an additional process in the process, and the cost is greatly increased. The surface pattern not only has a beautiful effect, but also has a special function of anti-slip. The lines are clear and the slip resistance is stronger.

Second, there are many types of aluminum sheets that can be used in different industries. For example, 1060 aluminum plate isAluminium Tread Plate china company - Decoulife processed as a raw material, and the processing cost is relatively low, and it is generally suitable for vehicle floors, cold storage, etc. The patterned aluminum plate supplier referred to as 3003 aluminum-manganese alloy is processed as the main material, which has a certain strength and resistance, and has a certain anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability, which is mainly suitable for train carriages. It is made of 5052 kinds of high-strength, high-hardness, corrosion-resistant and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy materials, which are generally suitable for aviation.

Third, the patterned aluminum plate is also a metal material, and it needs to be repaired by scientific methods in the daily use process. , Regular cleaning, and clean the surface stains with water or the corresponding cleaning agent, the residual stains can easily cause corrosion and deformation of the sheet; 2. Use spraying agent to coat the surface of the sheet, on the one hand, additives can be given. It can be used for beautification and decoration, and help it better integrate into the environment of use.

With the increasing demand for aluminum profiles in all walks of life, the sheet itself is constantly undergoing technological innovation. Pattern aluminum panels are a product of this innovation. Its appearance makes the traditional aluminum plate and other plates fade out of the market, because it has many characteristics. However, corrosion and wear can occur during use or require intensive maintenance work to extend service life.

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