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What are the advantages of film-coated aluminum sheets?

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Introduction of Laminated Aluminum Sheet

The film-coated aluminum plate is the core and intuitive product of the aluminum plate covered with protective film. There are usually two types: single-layer sub-film and two-layer sub-film. The protective film is polyethylene plastic. The surface of the aluminum plate is usually too thick. The protective film is generally about 0.1mm thick. The protective film can be pieced together, and the aluminum plate can be pieced together to decide. Generally, oxygen welding can weld strong aluminum plates, but the welding deformation is not suitable for places with high appearance requirements.

The film-coated aluminum plate is covered with a layer of viscous plastic film with a thickness of 0.03~0.07 on the surface of the aluminum plate to prevent the aluminum alloy plate from being scratched during the production process. It can be covered in single layer or on both sides as specified. The cost of external independent production and processing is generally between 1.8 and 2.5 yuan. If the amount of use is large, you can buy aluminum alloy sheets from the aluminum sheet factory, and stipulate that the coated aluminum sheets are delivered without deducting processing costs and coating costs. Only the net weight of the aluminum alloy sheets is calculated. The advantage is that the price is cheap and prevents the secondary production of the aluminum alloy sheet surface. processing.

Why Laminate Aluminum Sheets?

There is actually a reason for the coating of aluminum plate. We know that aluminum plate is a very delicate metal material. It isAluminum Embossed Sheets design - Decoulife easy to oxidize the air when encountering a humid and cold natural environment, and it is also easy to corrode when encountering compounds. Industrial production of pure aluminum is because the material is very soft and very soft. Easily scratched, many of the above problems can actually be reduced with composite films.

The surface color of the newly produced aluminum plate is dust-free and smooth, just like our mobile phone screen. If we want to maintain such a beautiful and generous situation, there is no doubt that the composite film on the surface of the aluminum alloy plate is a good way, just like everyone's mobile phone. On new mobile phones, in order to better maintain the mobile phone screen, everyone will apply glass film to the appearance, and the basic principle of aluminum alloy plate composite film is the same.

Advantages of film-coated aluminum sheets

1. Conducive to processing: Many products are processed with film as the molding product of the product, so for the film-coated aluminum sheet, he is mostly this, so now many customers are buying aluminum sheets. The aluminum plate lamination treatment must be required to be delivered to the customer.

2. Prevent scratches: This is a thing that can be very necessary for traders and can save costs, because we all know that the advantages of film-coated aluminum plates are many, and scratching in this way is to worry about the aluminum plate going back and forth. A superficial scar is created during the pulling process.

3. Avoid corrosion: For supermarket warehouses, it is very necessary, or even quite necessary, at least I feel it is, because it can effectively prevent the occurrence of small problems such as corrosion and oxidation of aluminum plates.

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