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What are the implementation standards for aluminum profiles?

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As a large modern industrial manufacturing country, made in China is already a label that can be seen all over the world. Thenchina Aluminum Sliding Door - Decoulife product quality control is particularly important, so products of different categories have different implementation standards. Domestic implementation standards are commonly known as national standards, and European implementation standards are commonly known as European standards. So what are the implementation standards for aluminum profiles

Today we will take stock of aluminum profile products:

1. Implementation standards for architectural aluminum profiles: GB/T5237-2017 is the general implementation standard, GB stands for national standard, and T stands for recommendation. There will be GB5237.1, GB5237.2, etc. which are specific implementation standards for different surface treatments. GB5237.3-2017 is the implementation standard for electrophoretic painted architectural aluminum profiles.

2. General industrial aluminum profile executive standard: GB/T6892-2016, this standard applies to the executive standard of aluminum alloy extruded profiles other than architectural curtain wall aluminum profiles, civil and decorative aluminum profiles. The general industrial aluminum profile executive standards are not as good as construction The aluminum profile is strict.

3. Executive standard for aluminum alloy decorative profiles for non-building use: GB/T26014-2010. This standard is applicable to hot-extruded profiles with decorative properties. The requirements for surface quality are relatively high, and the requirements for mechanical properties and form and position tolerances are relatively low. .

4. Dimensional deviation of aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles: GB/T14846-2014, which is another executive standard for industrial aluminum profiles, but this standard only controls the external dimensions of aluminum profiles, and other requirements are still in accordance with GB/T6892-2016. Therefore, this implementation standard is less used.

Of course, in addition to the national standard, there are some foreign implementation standards. EU EN12020-26060 and 6063 Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Precision Profiles Part 2: Dimensions and Shape Allowable Deviations, EN755-2 "Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Rods, Tubes, and Types-Mechanical Properties", American ANSI H35.2 "American Aluminum Material size deviation standards" and Japanese JIS H4100 "aluminum and aluminum alloy extruded profiles" and other standards, suitable for export profiles.

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