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What is application of aluminum products?

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Aluminum products are made of aluminum alloy as the main raw materials for daily necessities, industrial supplies. Aluminum alloy is based on aluminum alloy general term. The main alloying elements are copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc and manganese,Aluminum Plain Coil supplier - Decoulife while the secondary alloying elements are nickel, iron, titanium, chromium and lithium, etc.

Aluminum steel in the domestic market at present, in addition to guess the most used metal outside, in the future will gradually replace the steel, why is this so, should be aluminum lighter than steel, hardness and steel, however, in the applications of auto lightweight cars can save energy loss, and will be used more and more in our daily life, from aerospace engineering, pharmaceutical production, construction, communications, Aluminum can be seen in soft drinks, canning and other fields. The following is an example of several common aluminum product application scenarios

Application of aluminum products:

1. Light industry: daily hardware, household appliances, daily glass and daily chemical aluminum in the majority.

2. Electronic industry: aluminum is widely used in electronic industry. It is widely used in civil products and basic devices such as radios, amplifiers, televisions and capacitors, potentiometers, loudspeakers, etc., and in military products such as radar and tactical missile equipment.

3. Electrical industry: Almost all high-voltage transmission lines in China are steel-cored aluminum stranded wires. In addition, transformer coils, induction motor rotors, bus bars, etc., also use transformer aluminum strips, as well as aluminum power cables, aluminum cloth wires, and aluminum electromagnetic wires.

4. Construction industry: nearly half of the aluminum profile products are used in the construction industry, making aluminum doors and Windows, structural parts, decorative boards, curtain wall aluminum plates, etc. Packaging industry: aluminum cans are the most popular packaging materials in today's global packaging industry, cigarette packaging is a big user of aluminum foil. Other candy, medicine, toothpaste, cosmetics and other packaging also use a large amount of aluminum foil. Other industries such as automobile, metallurgy, aerospace and railway also use large amounts of aluminum.

5. Machinery manufacturing: aluminum alloy is mainly used in machinery manufacturing.

With the continuous improvement of aluminum processing technology, aluminum products are used more and more widely in our life, aluminum plate, aluminum profiles, aluminum doors and Windows, and so on, these aluminum products are everywhere in our life.

6. External walls, awnings and balconies of the building. Generally speaking, the exterior walls of buildings generally prefer to use aluminum veneer, the reason is that aluminum veneer has stronger corrosion resistance, which can be said to be durable. If steel materials are used in exterior walls, they will rust after soaking in rain for a long time, making the exterior of buildings produce something similar to freckles.

Balcony is used above the special-shaped aluminum veneer, this aluminum veneer is also very corrosion resistant, as for the canopy used aluminum veneer, but also because of its outstanding performance in the resistance to rain erosion. If the canopy is made of iron skeleton, long-term rain immersion, will let the iron gradually fall apart.

7. Aluminum veneer is often used in large public facilities, such as airports, railway stations and hospitals, etc. Large public buildings must be safe and beautiful, plus the combination of aluminum veneer is very simple and convenient. Even if there is damage, it can be very convenient to replace and repair, so that managers save a large amount of maintenance costs.

8. In addition to the above mentioned scenes, aluminum veneer is also used in cinemas, large conference rooms, stadiums, football fields, etc., and even the Great Hall of the People and other government office buildings. The reason for choosing aluminum veneer is that the stadium and cinema are buildings that pay more attention to atmosphere and simplicity. And aluminum veneer just can fully decorate a simple and atmospheric temperament.

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