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What is broken bridge aluminum doors and windows?

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1. Aluminum extruded profile's introduction:

At present, there are many door and window materials on the market. The main product that is used more is brokenaluminum door profile factory - Decoulife bridge aluminum doors and windows. Here we give you general knowledge of popular science: what we heard in the building materials market, titanium alloy, silicon alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium-magnesium alloy, etc. are basically the same. The content of rare elements is very low, and the main component is aluminum. Since aluminum content is the main factor, it is called aluminum alloy. And most of the broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows are made of 6063, so don't be blinded by the name, we need to use scientific methods to judge. The metal content of 6063 aluminum material can be searched on the website. There is also a difference between t5 and t6 of 6063. No expansion here, please understand. Let us remember a point. All doors and windows use 6063-T5 as raw materials. It basically meets the needs of most of our families.

I believe that many consumers are asking about the width and thickness of the profile when they choose the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge. Here, it is emphasized that you should not blindly pursue the width and thickness. The thickness of the profile meets the national standard, and the main force structure is 1.4 After mm above. Must look at the structure! Look at the structure! Look at the structure! The rationality of the structure is more important than the thickness and width! How to judge the rationality? The weight of doors and windows mainly comes from the glass inside. At this time, you only need to see whether there is a cavity under the force area of the glass. Simply put, it is whether there is a material underneath it for support instead of being vacant. The whole under the glass presents a T-shaped structure. This acceptance is reasonable, so it seems that 1.4 thicker than 2.0 thicker because of the reasonable structure, showing the durability of the product. Regarding the width, please be more rational, don't blindly pursue the width, it is more about the rationality of the structure. To sum up: in the case of meeting national standards, try to choose a reasonable structure. Reasonable structure is the character that a broken bridge door and window should have. This way down: As far as the average family is concerned, as long as the structure is reasonable and meets the national standards. The thickness is 1.4mm, if it is a casement window, about 100 is very suitable, if it is a sliding window, it is also between 110-130. If you are a local tyrant, please choose at will.

2. Glass introduction: 

When it comes to the glass of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, generally pay attention to several points: one is the original glass of the glass, which must be selected from a large factory. The large factory represents the strength and transparency of the glass behind it, and the subsequent glass meeting Will not blew the problem. Please check the specific glass manufacturers yourself, so as not to send out an advertisement. As far as I know, most brands are made of glass from major manufacturers. Determine the origin of the glass, this time it is time to look at the processing of the glass, that is, the degree of toughening. There is a little trick for this. There is a code behind the 3C logo on each piece of glass, which is the manufacturer of each glass.

3. Hardware introduction:

 Speaking of hardware at this time, in the door and window industry south of the Yangtze River, Haobo has to be mentioned. Haobo is divided into domestic Haobo, HOPO, and imported HOPO HOPPE. At present, in the ten middle schools, most of them use HOPPE more or less on the handle, and you can hear the mechanical sound of "click" inside. To be honest, when we choose door and window hardware, we can’t just look at what the handle is. The handle can only represent performance-level hardware. For broken aluminum doors and windows, look at the inner, inner transmission box. , Sliding support and so on. The function of the handle is to switch, and what is actually used inside is a reasonable and useful product. Realize the role of doors and windows. Common hardware systems in popular science are: G-U, ROTO, Simek, Vibis, Haobo and so on. When choosing doors and windows, you also have to look at whether the whole set is made of branded hardware. When you are not sure whether the hardware is good or bad, look at the material of the hardware. I have seen some brands of pure copper hardware. Too.

4. Accessories introduction:: 

As for the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge, the quality of the accessories is directly related to the sealing of a door and window. And especially for accessories, our general consumers seldom pay attention to a point that is often overlooked, which is the key. We can think about it this way. No matter how good the profile and glass of a door and window are, no matter how good the hardware is, it only solves most of the problems of sheltering from the wind and rain, and the water leakage is often at certain points. So it is recommended to look at the details of the accessories. Let's take a look at it together.

Tops: The function of tops is to play a certain sealing and dust-proof role. Mainly divided into: ordinary tops, semi-siliconized tops, and siliconized tops. Here, it is recommended that ordinary wool tops should not be selected, because they tend to stick together after being exposed to dust and water. The second is semi-siliconized tops, which are very cost-effective. It's just a matter of age. It still has the advantages of no lodging and dust accumulation. The third is silicified wool tops, which have the characteristics of no lodging, dust accumulation, and strong weather resistance during use. In the selection of accessories, brand doors and windows basically use siliconized tops. Many people have asked me a question, are the siliconized wool tops non-shedding? The answer is that it will also drop, which has a lot to do with the fit of the wool strips behind. The test method is to add some water. Better tops will beaded. Secondly, the quality and use of the top are closely related to the width and height of the top.

Adhesive strip: Adhesive strip is an important accessory for sealing and the key to improving the performance of a window. The quality of the adhesive strip is also crucial. The common adhesive strips on the market are called EPDM adhesive strips. At this time, it mainly depends on the content of EPDM in EPDM strips. Preferably, it is between 25% and 35%. The adhesive strips between this range are quite good in practicability and weather resistance. Among them, styrofoam strips are often used on windows. This styrofoam strip is more flexible and is suitable for the connection with the edge of the window sash, so that the sealing performance is better. At present, there are still many doors and windows that rely on glue on the market. At this time, everyone must clearly distinguish whether to use a neutral sealant or an acid sealant. The difference between the two is: the cost of neutral glue is relatively high, and it takes a long time to dry after operation. If it is an acid gum, it will form quickly after operation, but it will have a strong peculiar smell. I have heard from the installer before that acid glue will overflow grease and adhere to the glass under high temperature for a long time.

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