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What is brushed aluminum sheet?

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Brushed aluminum sheet metal wire drawing is a manufacturing process that repeatedly uses sandpaper to scrape the aluminum sheet out of the line. The process flow is mainly divided into three parts: deesterification, sand mill, and water washing. In the aluminum sheet drawing process, the special film technology after anodizing can make a film layer containing the metal component on the surface of the aluminum sheet, clearly showing each fine wire mark, so that the metal matte shines with fine hair. Silky sheen. In recent years, more and more aluminum sheet products have used metal wire drawing technology for their metal shells to have a beautiful and anti-erosion effect. Make products with elements of fashion and technology. This is one of the reasons why the craft is so popular.

During the processing of the aluminum sheet under pressure, the aluminum sheet is forced to pass through the mold under theColor Coated embossed Aluminum Sheet for sale - Decoulife action of external force, the metal cross-sectional area is compressed, and the technical processing method to obtain the required cross-sectional area shape and size is called the aluminum sheet wire drawing process. The tool that changes the shape and size of the aluminum sheet is called a drawing die.

Aluminum sheet wire drawing sandblasting process

Sandblasting is used to obtain the surface of film light decoration or thin reflective surface to meet special design requirements such as soft gloss. It can make the combination of printing material and substrate more firm during silk printing. Sandblasting is usually carried out in a dedicated sandblasting machine. According to the requirements of the thickness of the sand surface, select the quartz sand of the appropriate mesh and spray it into the appropriate sand surface. Even and moderate sandblasting can basically overcome the rare defects on the surface of aluminum.

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