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What is colored aluminum?

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1. What is colored aluminum

Color aluminum doors and windows are colored products of aluminum alloy doors and windows, that is to say, color aluminum Color decorative steel coil - Decoulifedoors and windows are aluminum alloy doors and windows, which are colored aluminum alloy doors and windows products that have been oxidized or painted on the basis of the original color of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Color aluminum is a new type of material in the window field. The performance of aluminum alloy is very stable, and it is not easy to be corroded. Generally, the surface layer can be guaranteed for at least 30 years after being specially treated. It is also low in density and high in hardness. The weight per unit volume is Compared with plastic steel, the lightest of the metal materials, its biggest advantage is that it is unmatched in firmness, and its colors are changeable, and it will never face the word "toxic" that plastic steel is always questioned.

2.What is broken bridge aluminum?

The "bridge" in the name "Broken Bridge Aluminum" refers to the "cold and hot bridge" in the sense of materials science, and the word "broken" means "partition", that is, "break the cold and hot bridge". So, why "cold and hot bridge partition"?

Specifically, because aluminum alloy is a metal, heat conduction is relatively fast, so when the indoor and outdoor temperature is very different, the aluminum alloy can become a "bridge" for heat transfer. Such materials are made into doors and windows, and its thermal insulation performance will be improved. reduce. The broken bridge aluminum is to disconnect the aluminum alloy from the middle, and use the heat insulation strip to connect the disconnected aluminum alloy into one body, so that the heat will not easily pass through the entire material, and the heat insulation performance of the material will be better. This is the origin of the name "Broken Bridge Aluminum".

The outstanding feature of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is the "broken bridge" design. The formal broken bridge aluminum doors and windows use PA66 nylon heat insulation strips as the "broken bridge", which cuts off the heat transfer under the action of indoor and outdoor temperature differences, and achieves The effect of heat insulation and energy saving. It is important to note that the broken bridge aluminum used for low-quality and low-priced broken bridge aluminum is not PA66 nylon strips, but ordinary PVC material. , It is easy to produce dangerous consequences of breaking and falling apart.

3. The difference between colored aluminum and broken bridge aluminum

A. The section wall of the broken bridge aluminum profile is thicker than that of the color aluminum profile, because the thickness of the broken bridge aluminum is strictly in accordance with the national standard, generally above 1.4mm, and such materials will be assembled into doors and windows. It is safer and more reliable, and the requirements of color aluminum are not too high in this regard. Some factories are driven by profits. Under the premise of ensuring the cost, it is generally around 1.0mm.

B. In terms of color, the color of broken bridge aluminum is processed through a certain production cycle and professional technology, and its goodness is better, but ordinary color aluminum is not too high in color processing technology. After using it for a long time Fading will easily occur.

C. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are upgraded and improved products of aluminum alloy doors and windows. In the structure, the previous aluminum alloy profile is broken in half by a heat insulation strip, so that heat insulation can be obtained.

D. Sound insulation. The thickness of the doors and windows of the broken bridge aluminum is more than 100mm, while the ordinary color aluminum is generally about 50mm behind. The sound insulation and heat preservation effect of the broken bridge aluminum is excellent.

E. Thickness. From the point of view of thickness, the thickness of the broken bridge aluminum alloy window material is generally above 1.4mm according to international standards, and there are strict requirements for the material itself. The installation method is mainly assembled, which is very stable and reliable. In the case of colored aluminum, the thickness is generally about 1.0mm, which is not up to the national standard, and its quality is inferior to that of broken bridge aluminum.

F. Modeling design, the broken bridge aluminum alloy window material will have a professional design in terms of modelling design, mainly generous and concise, can match many different decoration styles, and have strong adaptability. As for color aluminum, it is very weak in this respect. Generally, it is a popular design without obvious characteristics, and the overall lighting permeability is not as good as that of broken bridge aluminum.

In general, in essence, the profile structure of aluminum doors and windows is still the same as that of ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows. They all have the same weakness, that is fast heat conduction! Broken bridge aluminum is gradually occupying the door and window market because of its excellent sealing performance, thermal insulation and energy saving. Broken bridge aluminum alloy uses PA66 nylon to separate and tightly connect the indoor and outdoor two layers of aluminum alloy into a whole, so it solves the problem of fast heat conduction of aluminum alloy, and uses sealing tape to better seal doors and windows. improve. Broken bridge aluminum can better meet the color requirements of doors and windows.

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