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What is decorative roofing sheets?

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Decorative roofing sheets, also known as: color profiled tile, is a profiled board that uses color coated steel plate and is rolled and cold-decorative roofing sheets price - Decoulifeformed into various wave shapes. It is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, roofs, walls and interior and exterior wall decorations of large-span steel structure houses. It has light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient and fast construction, earthquake resistance, fire protection, rain protection, and longevity.Long, maintenance-free and other characteristics have been widely promoted and applied.

Features of decorative roofing sheets

1.    Light weight: 10-14 kg/m2, equivalent to 1/30 of a brick wall.

⒉ Thermal conductivity: λ<=0.041w/mk.

⒊High strength: it can be used as a load-bearing ceiling panel, which is resistant to bending and compression; beams and columns are not used in general houses.

⒋Bright color: no surface decoration is required, and the anti-corrosion layer of the color galvanized steel plate can be kept for 10-15 years.

⒌ Flexible and quick installation: the construction period can be shortened by more than 40%. Color steel tile Color steel tile ⒍Oxygen Index: (OI) 32.0 (provincial fire product quality inspection station).

Fixing of decorative roofing sheets

Dosage calculation formula 

1. Two-sided sloping roof Description of two-sided sloping roof ⒈The area of the roof: length×width. 

⒉The total length of the required tile: roof area ÷ 0.855 (the effective width of the tile is 0.855M/piece). 

⒊The number of tiles: (roof length÷0.855m)×2. 

⒋The number of ridge tiles: roof length ÷ 2.4m (the effective length of ridge tiles is 2.4M/root). 

⒌Number of sealing strips: (length ÷ 0.7m) × 2 (sealing strip 0.7M/piece). 

⒍The number of eaves cover: (length ÷ 0.7m) × 2 (the eaves cover 0.7M/piece). 

⒎The number of special nails: 4PCS/㎡. 

⒏The roof angle is less than or equal to 120 degrees. 

9. Four-sided sloping roof 

Description of sloping roof 

⒈Budget roof area: (A+B+C+D)×117% (inclination and loss). 

⒉The total length of the required tile: roof area ÷ 0.855 (the effective width of the tile is 0.855M/piece). 

⒊The number of ridge tiles: (a×2+b+c×2) ÷ 0.7 (the effective length of ridge tiles is 2.4M/piece). 

⒋Number of sealing strips: (length + width) ÷ 0.7 (sealing strip 0.7M/piece). 

⒌The number of the eaves cover: (length + width) × 2÷0.7 (the eaves cover 0.7M/piece). 

⒍The number of special nails: 4PCS/㎡. 

Pre-installation engineering Four-sided slope 

1: The blue dashed line and the red dashed line are the horizontal and vertical skeletons respectively. 

2: a The best distance is 50CM. 

3: The best distance of b is 50-70CM. 

Two sides slope 

⒈Choose the frame material, both wood structure and steel structure are suitable. 

⒉The construction surface needs to be tidied and leveled. 

⒊Specifications of framework materials: Wood specifications are above 45MM×45MM, and steel specifications are above 40MM×40MM. 

⒋ The longitudinal spacing of the frame should be kept between 50cm~70cm, and the horizontal spacing must be a multiple of 25cm, preferably not greater than 50M. Use screws as close as possible and weld firmly. Installation work one. 

The correct way of laying tiles 

⒈Overlapping type (applicable to roofs with a length≦15M) 

⒉Staggered type (suitable for roofs with length ≧15M) two. 

Correct use of special nails 

1.The special nail must be hit in the middle of the tile bone to have the waterproof effect. 

2. The fixed interval of special nails is 50cm~100cm (preferably 4 pieces/㎡). 

The special nails must be driven from the lower end of the tile toward the roof to have a beautiful, sealed and neat effect. 

3. Install the sealing strip ridge tile cover 

4. Separate the sealing strip in two halves, and place ridge tiles on the roof according to the tile type and fix them with special nails. 

5. The junction of the side tiles is sealed with cement and then directly covered with the ridge tiles, and the bottom of the ridge tiles is finished with a small tile stop. 

6.The lower end of the tile, namely the eaves, is directly installed with the eaves cover and fixed with screws. 

7. At the ridge tile junction, the contrast interface is trimmed with scissors and overlapped and sealed with glass glue. Four. Waterproof treatment of the protruding part First, make a V-shaped material. Different materials and specifications can be selected, depending on the actual situation. After installing the water connection at the bottom, lay the color steel tiles on the top. 

Connection installation on inclined surface Refers to the construction where the two roof tiles are cut according to the angle and length and the bottom is installed with water receiving treatment. First, install the water receiving material (ie gutter) under the tiles, and then use waterproof adhesive or cement for finishing.

Precautions of decorative roofing sheets

1. Wear the necessary safety equipment (such as gloves, helmets, safety belts and other tools). 

2. The installation worker needs a professional with a certificate. 

3. The skeleton must be firm when installing. 

4. When installing and walking on the tile, try to step on the middle part of the tile to avoid stepping on the edge of the tile. 5. Be careful to install in bad weather.

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