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What problems should we pay attention to when choosing patterned aluminum plates?

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We pay attention to choosing patterned aluminum plates

    Patterned aluminum plates are widely used. Three-striped, five-striped, and pointer-type patterned aluminum plates are all common varieties. Patterned aluminum plates can be seen in construction, transportation, decoration, refrigeration equipment and other fields. With the increasing number of domestic manufacturers, the quality of various patterned aluminum sheets is also uneven, and the difference is huge. How to choose high-quality patterned aluminum plate?

Look at the thickness. The thickness, strength, and oxide film thickness of the high-quality patterned aluminum plate should meet the national standards: aluminum plate thickness ≥ 1.2 mm, tensile strength ≥ 157 N/square millimeter, yield strength ≥ 108 N/square millimeter, oxide film Thickness ≥ 10 microns. If it does not meet the standard, it is an inferior patterned aluminum plate.

Second, look at processing. The patterned aluminum plates produced by regular large factories are carefully used, the painted aluminum panels for sale - Decoulifesurface is bright and clean, the patterns are clear and tidy, the aluminum plates are flat, and the surface is free from oil stains, scratches, breaks and other defects; while the patterned aluminum plates produced by small factories are made of scrap aluminum. The surface is dull and dull, the pattern is not clear and neat, the board surface is not flat, the performance is not up to standard, and the quality is poor.

Third, look at the price. Patterned aluminum plates are divided into two types: pure aluminum and alloys, and their prices are naturally different. The processing cost of patterned aluminum plates produced by regular manufacturers is several thousand yuan per ton, and the price of alloys is higher than that of pure aluminum. The price of aluminum plates from regular manufacturers is about 20%-30% higher than that of inferior aluminum plates. When purchasing, enterprises should not compare prices alone. If you buy substandard products, it will be too late to regret.

Four look at the service. From the manufacturer's production line to the company's workshop, there are many links in the process of packaging, loading, transportation, storage, and unpacking. The patterned aluminum plate will inevitably have defects such as oxidation and scratches. Large-scale and good service suppliers will provide users with Return and exchange services to solve the worries of users.

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