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Yuanfar International launched business skills training in the Year of 2021

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In order to further strengthen Yuanfar International’s business foundation work, enhance the combat effectiveness of its business personnel in market competition, strengthen the awareness of business risk prevention and control, and improve the overall quality of the company’s employees, Yuanfar International held the special business training during February 19 to 22, 2021, and all the employees participated in this training.

The training mainly focused on two aspects of international market development and business risk prevention and control. Through their own business practices, the lecturer explained to the sales personnel the professionalism that sales personnel should have, how to break the deadlock and narrow the distance with customers, how to use network marketing, and the legal risk prevention during contract signing and performance. . The training was rich in content and diverse in forms. In addition to face-to-face lectures, on-site questions were also conducted and group discussions were conducted to establish a business accounting model. The on-site training discussions were intense, which greatly improved the enthusiasm and participation of employees.


This business skills training has improved the employees' own quality and work skills, so that employees have a greater improvement in their ideological understanding and business operation skills, and can better promote the development of international markets.


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