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  • China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition 2021 Shanghai Qisheng Curtain

    After the epidemic re-energized, take a new step Vientiane new.After a year of hibernation and the new normal of epidemic prevention, the global aluminum industry gathered in Shanghai again. On July 7th, the China International Aluminum Industry Expo 2021 kicked off in Shanghai New International Exp

  • The party now looks confidently to the future

    Today the Communist Party of China is celebrating its 100th birthday as the "great, glorious and correct" Party of the Chinese people and will embark on its second century with vision and confidence.Despite constant accusations by Western politicians and media outlets, the truth is that the CPC is t

  • Aluminum furniture are applicated in whole house

    In the decoration of environmental protection more and more attention today, the product is also updated, such as all-aluminum furniture, which is a new product in recent years, a lot of owners in the background to consult, all-aluminum furniture is environmental protection or not.In fact, we have

  • Measures to improve information transparency, standardize collation

    China on Thursday unveiled new rules on the management of price indexes for key commodities and services as part of its ongoing efforts to curb unreasonable price swings and maintain stable prices in the commodity market. The new rules, which will take effect from Aug 1, will standardize behaviors s

  • Upcoming space mission to feature longer, more complex spacewalks

    Astronauts on the upcoming Shenzhou XII mission have undergone intensive training in planned extravehicular activities, commonly known as spacewalks, according to Liu Boming, a member of the crew."Compared with the Shenzhou VII mission, extravehicular operations on this coming mission will be much l

  • Yuanfa "one-stop PV export supply chain solution"

    Yuanfa "one-stop PV export supply chain solution" was selected as one of the top ten highlights of SNEC Shanghai International Solar PV ExhibitionOn June 5, "SNEC 15th (2021) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition & Forum" successfully concluded.As an annual event of

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