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  • Common aluminum and aluminum alloy grades

    Common aluminum and aluminum alloy grades The numbers of aluminum and aluminum alloys are mainly divided into eight series. According to the aluminum alloy series.

  • Aluminum profile's knowledge

    Aluminum profile built-in connector The bolts of the cylindrical head of the aluminum profile built-in connector need to pass through the round hole.

  • Exterior wall aluminum plate modeling classification

    Exterior wall aluminum plate modeling classification. This specification applies to aluminum alloy single-layer panels. Installation of aluminum alloy composite panel curtain walls.

  • Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer structure

    Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer structure Product production process Fluorocarbon spraying process Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer metal curtain wall has been used all over the world for decades and is still in use.

  • Introduction of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

    Performance introduction of fluorocarbon aluminum veneer and aluminum-plastic panel curtain wall Material and structure of fluorocarbon aluminum plate and aluminum-plastic plate curtain wall.

  • Aluminum plate thermal insulation integrated board

    The traditional thermal insulation materials are mainly based on increasing the gas-phase porosity and reducing the thermal conductivity and conductivity.

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